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Astroflare OST – Duplicate

I have finished my first track for the re-release of Astroflare on Windows Phone 7. It’s a synthy rock out anthem called Duplicate and you can hear it on my showreel page. The track has been written to loop perfectly so it may seem to end quite abruptly, but if you play it on a loop you’ll see why. I am now working on another new track for the game called Incineration.


First ever Games Music Ireland social event Tues 29th May 2012!

It’s an exciting time for composers in Ireland. When most areas of service and industry in Ireland are falling apart and receding, game development is advancing at such a rate that it is thought that Ireland will become the social and casual game development hub of Europe over the next 2 or 3 years. This says great things about the creative talents and technical skills of Irish computing graduates. There is also now the possibility to develop these opportunities further.

Music is a very important part of the computer game experience – be it console, casual or social game, etc. Up until now there have been very few opportunities for Irish composers in games development, and so the educational and institutional structures have not been in place either. Irish games developers have had to contact agencies and composers abroad, or use generic library or royalty free music. We at GMI (Games Music Ireland) want to show Irish games developers that we have the home grown talent to make the music that fits whatever projects that they are working on.

If you are a games developer looking to make contact with composers for future projects then join us on Tuesday 29th in the IMRO building, Copyright House.

Full details of the event are available here.

Currently working on a new score for the re-release of Astroflare on Windows Phone 7

Astroflare is a space shoot-em-up with a kill-em-all frenzy feel to it. Going for something upbeat and rocky with a bit of a dance undercurrent to it.

Check out the game website here

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