Clean (poem)

Tunnel me a hole,
In flesh, In Fact, or lies.

I am besotted with a portrait that never ages.
It is not real.
Tell me more.

I came upon the weak with virtuous kneeling,
Humbled by selfless acts,
Building bridges – boundless – joyful.
If I could but bring a flower to a heart,
I could rest that day.
I must say I have rested so very well.
See my hands spread before you.
Taken as fact.
The Lord shines through this one.

If I can but force a hand or two,
I can rest a while.
Several more, and many more,
I’ll twist the screw.
Smiles are my cunning,
Words draw the blood.
You’ll see me – You’ll know me
But draw me close or don’t,
My rope is looped all the same.

And so you see my portrait never ages,
But tired eyes and tired smiles –
And schemes and Lies –
Melt to ash.


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  1. Very Heart of Darkness – the horror!

    • Yeah. I think it is a bit like looking at one pixel that builds towards the dystopian image of something like Planet of the Apes or Soylent Green.
      ‘You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!’
      … and speaking of Soylent Green LOL!

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